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Russ was initially hired as a full time Engineer, reporting to me, to manage one of our largest clients during the implementation phase of a hosted infrastructure replacement project. 

Russ was very well liked in this role by our clients and many expressed how much they missed him after he was promoted to a full time on site engineer. After Russ was promoted to an on site engineer, he continued to be very well liked by both his dedicated clients and as one of our generalist field engineers. Several clients began to request him by name and he also grew his billable hours significantly at one of our larger client sites, up to working full time for the client for several months as a dedicated engineer.

I have worked directly with Russ on late night projects and I have also assigned him large scale projects that took several days to accomplish, when he was often tasked with managing a more junior engineer or intern. Every task I gave him or a team was always completed successfully, and often ahead of schedule, which is always the goal for an IT services firm.

I would absolutely recommend Russ for any position he chooses to pursue in his career.

Alan M. Holmes, Senior IT Services Manager and Engineer


Russ worked at TMI for over 5 years. A rare timespan in our field. During his time here he was an excellent engineer, with good attention to detail and focus. He was integral in solving/resolving several problem, and took command of any situation he was involved in. Second only to his focus and determination is his skillset. As a Microsoft Certified Engineer, Russ has not only the experience, but the base knowledge level to be well suited for anything you can throw at him.

Michael Geoghegan, Vice President, IT

Middle Aged Woman in White Blouse

Russ solves problems! He has a talent for it! No matter what the problem is, he listens with care to diagnose the scope of the issue and either gets into action or works with others in IT to lead to solutions that make a real difference in the operation of our organization.

I very much appreciate his tenacity and dedication for figuring out ways to make things work (with minimal disruption).

His patience, persistence and kind demeanor give him a wonderful advantage in the IT line of business. He is approachable and can speak both IT with his colleagues and English with our staff. Great and unusual still to have!

Sabina Puppo, Vice President, Talent